Why Values and Purpose of an Organisation is Important

Why Values and Purpose of an Organisation is Important

According to a study carried out by Deloitte in 2016, in which there were 7700 respondents across 29 counties including Australia and according to some experts Kiwis’ aren’t that different. New generation also named as millennials believes that an organisation performance should be measured in more term than just financial performance. 50% of the respondents go even one step further that they would not work for an organisation based on the values alone.


They're (millennial) a generation with opportunities and with opportunity comes the greater ability to be a bit more opinionated and a bit more pushy.


Organisations need to be purpose-led and have a clear vision of what impact they want to make and not fixated on transactional approach. They always need to be relevant to target audience in a dynamic technological environment.As part of that culture, companies should think about its values and ethics and how that is communicated to the workforce.

Are you taking a people centric approach in your organisation to understand your staff values and how those are aligned with your organisation’s purpose?


REDIPS names encompasses it’s values and it’s an organisation formed on the principle of giving back to the community, for over 10 years it has been supporting Starship Foundation and is considering to join forces with number of other charities which include: Oxfam and Auckland City Mission


We are keen to learn which charity is making greater impact in your opinion?

What is your favourite charity?